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New Office Bearers

In terms of the provisions of the Local Authorities Act No. 23 of 1992 the election of office bearers are held every year. The new office bearers were elected at a special Council meeting held on 16 November 2012.

Councillor Juuso Kambueshe was elected by his peers to the position of Mayor and Chairperson of Council. Councillor Louise Tlhabanello-Madi was elected as Deputy Mayor.
The former Mayor, Alderwoman Rosina //Hoabes secured the position of the Chairperson of the Management Committee and Councillor Rosalia Andreas-Noabes will be her deputy whilst Councillor Anthony Bessinger and Councillor Nehemiah Salomon are ordinary members of the Management Committee.

Councillor Uahimisa Kaapehi was elected as an additional member of the Management Committee whilst Councillor Ferdinand Hamukwaya, Councillor Peter Steinkopff and Alderman Eliphas //Khoaseb will serve as ordinary members of Council.

The Swakopmund Municipal Council is one of the best run municipalities and continues to receive clean audit reports from the Auditor General.

In his acceptance speech, His Worship, Councillor Juuso Kambueshe expressed appreciation towards fellow Councillors for putting confidence and trust in him.

The Mayor pointed out that Council needs the support and involvement of the community in order to bring meaningful development to the town. He paid tribute to his predecessor Alderwoman Rosina //Hoabes and others before her for laying a solid foundation which should be maintained.

In his acceptance speech, the Mayor thanked his mother especially for her guidance over the years and requested the residents and administrators to work together in a spirit of unity to achieve the best possible results for the community of Swakopmund.

New Emergency Rescue Unit

The Fire Brigade is boasting another addition to their fleet. Earlier this year the Minister of Regional and Local Government and Housing and Rural Development was generous and gave a number of Local Authorities fire trucks, including Swakopmund.
We are grateful to the Ministry and hereby express our gratitude for the fire and rescue vehicles. The emergency rescue unit will be used as a first responder in vehicle accidents and similar emergencies.


Council approved the installation of speed point facilities for the revenue collection points.

Members of the public are no longer required to carry huge sums of money when they service their bills at the Municipality, thanks to modern technological.

The speed point facility will ease the operations of the cashiers during cash-up and reconciliation of the daily revenue.


The annual lunch for senior citizens was held on 24 November 2012 at the Mondesa Sport field. . Apart from the food hampers that are distributed at the event, the day also serve as a meeting point for senior citizens to reminisce on the good old days.

The event was addressed by His Worship the Mayor of Swakopmund, Juuso Kambueshe. The Mayor stated that the event is an acknowledgement by Council of the role and significance of the elderly in the communities and a sign of honor and respect to the good work the elders have done and continue to do in the society.

“The elders, across all faiths and religions in society, constitute a battalion of the most stable, mature and wise people. Whilst this is the case, they also constitute the most vulnerable members of our society, stated Honorable Juuso Kambueshe.

He pointed out that the elders are susceptible to all kinds of abuse, neglect and danger. They are ever at risk of being attacked and harmed and that in most instances, this is done by people who are their closest relatives, friends and family. 

Council continues to reach out to the elderly and recently approved a special tariff for senior citizens.

In conclusion, Honorable Juuso Kambueshe stated that the festive season is a period of great significance to all Namibians regardless of their age, background, religion, language or social status.  He wished the elderly a joyous festive season and blessed them with good health and productive lives and that they should continue to serve as role models and good examples to the rest of the society.

The elders were treated to live performances by the Namib Youth Choir and they were given opportunities to pass messages of goodwill to the citizens. Food hampers were distributed whilst lunch was served to all.

The Mayor further extended his appreciation to his fellow Councillors, the Municipal officials and the Junior Town Councillors responsible for the provision of services to the elderly and for their unwavering commitment throughout the year.

He also, extended a special word of appreciation to NGOs, civil society organizations and faith-based organizations that share a passion for the elderly and have become valued partners to the Council on this front.

Special thanks to Rio Tinto for transporting the elders free of charge and Hansa Breweries for the tent and drinks for the elders and all the other sponsors who contributed towards the event

Bannerman Resources, Elga Enviro and the Municipality of Swakopmund join hands in clean-up

Bannerman Resources has once again proven its commitment to the local community and the environment. The company initiated a clean-up campaign around the DRC settlement in Swakopmund in cooperation with its rehabilitation business partner Elga Enviro Rehabilitation CC and the Municipality of Swakopmund.

Bannerman Resources completed its Definitive Feasibility Study of the Etango Project in April 2012 and with lower exploration activity levels, redirected some of its resources to community projects. The company continued to engage its business partner, Elga Enviro, to do rehabilitation work and clean-up projects. One of these projects was initiated after consultation with the Municipality of Swakopmund. Certain areas around the DRC required urgent clean up and this is where Bannerman Resources, Elga Enviro and the Municipality of Swakopmund joined hands.

Council supplied refuse bags as well as one orange skip bin. During the eight week clean-up campaign a total of 750 black bags of rubbish were removed.

Bannerman Resources General Manager, Werner Ewald said: “In order for our town to become a world-class tourism city, the community will have to join hands. I want to thank the Elga team for their efforts and although there is still much to be done this work has not gone unnoticed”

Municipality General Manager: Health Services, Clive Lawrence said: “As a Municipality, we welcome the initiative introduced by Bannerman and agree that achievement in our beautiful town is supported by this type of private partnership.  We support all ventures aimed at improving the livelihood of our residents but also accept the challenge that comes with the sustaining of the efforts as portrayed by Elga Enviro. We should remain steadfast in our efforts that are aimed at a movement towards a better way of being in our town.

We need to collaboratively work towards solutions that break down into executable bits like the team of Elga Enviro did. Drawing these threats together for us means, working towards ever-more sustainable solutions for day to day challenges – getting the very best out of our resources and helping the impoverished communities to join in making their environment a safe haven for themselves and their children.

Council is investigating the appointment of private waste entrepreneurs to assist with the cleaning of open spaces as one of our goals to become and maintain Swakopmund as the cleanest town in Namibia and further afield. We applaud your efforts and thank you for your selfless sacrifices. We are looking forward to a longstanding partnership with Bannerman and Elga Enviro.”


This year’s Christmas Fair is slated from 14-15 December 2012 and the venue remains the Palm Tree Area near the Amphitheatre.

The Christmas Fair is an annual event on the Swakopmund Social Calendar and attracts a huge number of exhibitors from all over the country.

A total of 98 Business Stalls will exhibit products ranging from souvenirs, artifacts, food and entertainment for the kids.

 The space that used to be taken up by the marquee tent of the Dutch Reformed Church is available this year, therefore any other organization or club interested is welcome to apply to make use of the area for their tent.  For applications contact Ms Barbara Ramos Viegas at Telephone 064-4104215 or email at


The relationship between the city of Malmö in Sweden and the Swakopmund Municipality continues to grow from strength to strength since its inception in 2008. Various projects mainly with the focus on sustainable development and the preservation of the environment are dealt with.

The first phase was on Waste and Renewable Energy and the second phase is on Eco-tourism and Education for sustainable development. The solar energy project has resulted in a wide spread knowledge and interest in solar energy and also installation of solar panels, for example at the Municipal Rest Camp. The solar installations have been built by trainees from less affluent areas in Swakopmund, trained by a Swedish solar expert. The installation of solar energy at the Municipal Rest Camp has reduced Council’s electricity bill and residents are encouraged to consider solar energy as an alternative and cost effective option to reduce our dependence on conventional electricity. Media reports have it that Namibia is expected to experience a deficit in the supply of electricity and solar energy might be a viable option.

The waste project has resulted in a well functioning recycling system. The City of Malmo and Sweden in general is advanced with waste recycling which is worth emulating.

Tourism is regarded as an important industry in both Malmö and Swakopmund; however, it can have a negative impact on the local environment. This is especially true in Swakopmund where special precautions need to be taken to preserve the sensitive desert landscape. The project aims to develop the local economy and at the same time enhances the awareness of environmental issues among local operators.

The project will bring the local operators in the tourism and event sector on board as they are important stakeholders and advocators for enhanced environmental awareness among the tourists. Both public and private operators share a common interest of minimizing the environmental impact of tourism, and to maximize collective economic benefits. Swakopmund needs to protect its fragile environment and natural heritage from exploitation and destruction. The scenic dunes and other topographic features need to be protected by all in order to reduce the  negative impact that tourism.



The construction of the new multi-million dollar Waste Water Treatment Plant is progressing well and is expected to be commissioned during 2013. The tender was awarded to Botes & Kennedy Namibia, a civil engineering company, on 03 December 2010 at a total cost of N$134 Million.

The project was divided into various phases, ranging from design, construction of civil structures, the installation of the electrical and water supply, the laying of waste-water rising mains and the purified effluent discharge mains, the installation of the mechanical equipment and the electrification, instrumentation and partial automation.

It will take up to three months to get all micro-biological processes started and balanced. The plant requires the service of well trained operators to ensure operational efficiency and proper handling of the multi-million dollar investment. Experienced operators will run the plant for a period of six months, while municipal staff are being trained on the job.

The new Waste Water Treatment Plant is wholly financed by Council and no loans or grants were sourced from external sources.

Once the new plant is operational, it will generate sufficient effluent water which will be used for gardening and other purposes.

Council already resolved to beautify and ‘green’ Public Open Spaces which will be used by the community as recreation parks. Effluent water will be supplied to larger parts of the town and will be made available to interested residents for gardening.

The completion of this project will bring much needed relief to the residents living in the surrounding of the current sewerage plant as they have experienced bad odours for years. The new plant is designed in such a way that minimal odor is expected to emanate from it. The location of the site and wind direction was considered when the site was determined. Swakopmund generally experiences southerly winds during most part of the year and the location of the new Sewerage Plant is ideal to prevent odor from polluting suburbs.

A dedicated team of staff members under the Sewerage Section is responsible for the normal day-to-day maintenance of the town’s sewerage network. The sewerage team was responsible for the opening of 1645 blockages during last year compared to 1883 during the previous year. This shows a reduction in sewerage network blockages which normally result form the dumping of foreign objects into the network. The total inflow of raw sewerage into the Sewerage Works for last year is 2 184 452m³ compared to 2 111 660m³ the previous year.



The Swakopmund Municipal Council has achieved yet another milestone by donating flats to the Namibian Police. The donation of a 2 026 m² blocks of flats to the Namibian Police demonstrates Council’s commitment towards a safe and crime free society.

Until now, the Namibian Police found it difficult to transfer officers to Swakopmund because of accommodation shortages. The availability of accommodation will boost the  efforts of the Safety and Security Ministry to ensure the safety of all Namibians and visitors by seconding more officers to Swakopmund. The Chairperson of the Management Committee, Councillor Ndara Salomon who handed over the donation to the Namibian Police on behalf of the Mayor and called upon the community to assist the Police in their efforts to fight crime. Councillor Salomon attributed the decreasing crime statistics to the good relationship between the Police and the community.

The Police statistics show that crime in the Erongo Region and Swakopmund in particular has subsided due to the active partnership between the Police and the community. With the inception of community policing structures in Swakopmund, the public is assured of the assistance of the Namibian Police at all times, stated Councillor Salomon.

The complex is situated in Mondesa in the former Single Quarters and consist of  21 (twenty one) sleeping quarters, ablution and kitchen facilities.

The donation was accepted by the Deputy Minister of Safety and Security, Honourable Erastus Uutoni. Also in attendance were the Governor of Erongo Region, Honourable Cleophas Mutjavikua and the Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga and the Regional Commander of the Erongo Region, Samuel //Hoebeb.



A carnival atmosphere is prevailing in Swakopmund with the 120th anniversary of the town. Swakopmund is one of the oldest towns in Namibia having been in existence for more than a century.

 Like many other towns in Namibia, Swakopmund has its fair share of history and was once an important harbor for the transportation of goods.

The anniversary is slated for 4th and 5th of August 2012 at the Municipal Head Office and the Vineta Sport Grounds. The event will be preceded by an auction on  the 3rd August 2012 where 120 erven will be sold at prices ranging from N$133 200.00 to N$212 010.00. It will also be celebrated in the form of an Expo or Trade Fair where business stalls will be demarcated for interested parties to sell and market their products at the Main Municipal Building. Members of the public are urged to apply for business stalls.

Various activities are lined up for this event, starting from Choirs, Cultural performance, Music Concerts and stalls with different items to sell. The celebration will be concluded with an inter-denominational church service to be hosted at the Swakopmund Sport Stadium on the 5th August.  This is a community event and Council will only play a coordinating role. The community must drive the event in order to make it a success. The 120th Anniversary is a historic occasion and coincides with the bid to host the World Tourism Adventure Summit.

According to available literature, the town of Swakopmund was founded by Captain Curt von François and a harbour was soon constructed. Remnants of harbor activities such as ship wrecks and anchors are still visible along the beach area.

Although Captain Curt von François might have been the first westerner to reach Swakopmund, oral history has it that indigenous Namibians have been living for years along the coast including Swakopmund. If you have a story about the old Swakopmund please write to the editor.

To book a business stall, please contact Ms Annalize Swart at 064-410 4100 or at email 


A budget is a short term strategy aimed at addressing aspects captured in the long or mid term development objectives of a company. It is driven by the mission and vision of a particular organisation. This budget is considered in relation to the Long Term Strategic Plan of 2011.

The Vice-Chairperson of the Management Committee, Councillor Rosalia Andreas-Noabes tabled the 2012/2013 budget at the ordinary Council meeting of  April 2012. The main objective of the Municipality of Swakopmund is to maintain the rendering of quality services to the community.

The Operational Budget is a summary of the estimated expenditure required to render these services as well as the means for the financing thereof.

This year’s Capital Budget is focused on the following amongst others:

Formalisation of DRC Informal Area

Council’s Town Planning for the Formalisation of the DRC Informal Settlement Area for the financial year 2011/2012 has been approved by the Minister. The surveying of the area will be done in the near future and the design of services is then to follow based on tenders which will be requested for the rendering of these services. An amount of N$8.2 million is provided for this purpose.

Provision of Serviced Land

Council has resolved to continuously service land and make it available for all.  An amount of N$5.1 million is included in this budget for the planning and statutory processes of land development in Mondesa, Block 9 and east of Kramersdorf which will be followed by the actual servicing of these areas.

Maintenance and Surfacing of Streets

An amount of N$10 million is allocated to re-surfacing of bituminous streets. An amount of N$5 million has been provided for additional surfacing of roads, whilst N$550 000.00 has been set aside for the surfacing of the Public Parking area in Libertine Amathila Avenue.

Cleansing Section
As the town grows and expands additional provision is made to improve on the current service delivery of refuse removal.  Two new refuse removal trucks will be purchased, additional refuse removal bins and street corner bins will improve the cleanliness of the town. An amount of N$5 million is earmarked for the cleansing services.

The amount of N$2.5 million is provided for the water and electricity supply to the waste site for the establishment of a future ‘Materials Recovery Facility’. This facility is essential in Council’s endeavours to successfully implement the re-cycling of waste.

New Sewerage Works

The completion and commissioning of the new sewerage plant is envisaged to be in January 2013.  In order to complete the Capital Works N$10 million is provided for in this budget.

The running costs of the sewerage plant is projected at N$ 4.8 million for the remaining last six months of the 2012 / 2013 Financial Year and will be financed from the Surplus Funds.

Purified Sewerage Effluent

An amount of N$15 million is allocated to the construction of  10 000 cubic meter reservoir. This is a requirement to meet Council’s goal to develop Public Open spaces in town, especially in the previously neglected areas.

Councillor Rosalia Andreas-Naobes informed the public that although the Operational Budget reflects a deficit, Council has over the years been able to successfully  manoeuvre the process. “Our track record shows that in previous years Council managed to turn around the deficits into  surpluses through savings and the generation of additional income, stated the Vice-Chairperson of the Management Committee.


Swakopmund continues to be committed to sound financial practices and management.

For the umpteenth time, Council’s accounting systems were found to be in order. The report by the Office of the Auditor General is a confirmation that Council is prudently managing the financial affairs of the town.

It is not an easy task to manage the financial affairs of a fast growing town like Swakopmund but with dedication and commitment by all the stakeholders that is achievable.

The finance department under the watchful eye of the General Manager of Finance Mr Hellao  !Naruseb has a daunting task to ensure that the finances of the town are handled correctly and they have succeeded in this regard as it can be attested by the successive positive Auditor General’s reports.

The surplus for the 2010 / 2011 Financial Year amounted to N$14 843 198.99. The surplus will fund Council’s developmental projects.

The audit report highlighted water usage of 17.1% that could not be accounted for. Council is investigating the situation and remedial measures will be put in place to arrest the situation.


The Municipality of Swakopmund has demonstrated its commitment towards the development and well being of the youth. The youth is faced with a myriad challenges and these challenges should be  addressed hands-on.

In order to address the plight of the youth, the Municipality has appointed Ms Sabina Kathena as a Youth Development Officer to handle all youth related matters and concerns within Swakopmund. Ms Sabina Kathena is attached to the Community Development Services Department.

The main responsibilities of the Youth Development Officer include providing career guidance; facilitating and promoting youth employment initiatives, employment counseling to local youths; identifying and fostering employment opportunities; assist in securing funding for employment activities and programmes, administering and monitoring youth employment programmes to improve the overall socio-economic well being of youth within Swakopmund.

This is a pioneer position on the job establishment of the municipality and the youth and other stakeholders are requested to make good use of the services provided. Ms Sabina Kathena can be contacted at Room E1-35, Telephone 064-410 4609 or email


The Swakopmund Municipality established an Aesthetics Committee in terms of the National Heritage Act. As Swakopmund is the only town in Namibia with a proclaimed Conservation Area, this committee has the responsibility to scrutinize and evaluate applications for changes to, additions to existing buildings as well as the erection of new buildings within not only the Conservation Area of Swakopmund, but also in sensitive cases outside the Conservation Area of Swakopmund. Factors to be considered by the committee are appropriate visual setting i.e. bulk, form, scale, height, character, colour, texture and materials. Read more...


Namibia is in a bid to host the World Adventure Travel Summit in 2013 and Swakopmund has been selected as the host city should Namibia’s bid succeed.

The summit is held annually under the auspices of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). This year’s summit will be held in Lucerne, Switzerland and this is where Namibia’s bid will be decided.

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has selected Swakopmund on the basis of it being the mega tourism attraction of Namibia. This summit will undoubtly solidify Swakopmund’s position on the international tourism map and will bring much needed exposure. Tourism is a great contributor to Namibia’s GDP and the long term economic benefits to be accrued from this summit will boost the country’s economy.

ATTA is a global membership organization and home to a thriving community of more than 700 responsible, profitable businesses, destinations and media who transform customers and businesses alike into advocates for sustainability and justice worldwide. Its members include tour operators, destination marketing organizations, tourism boards, specialty travel agents, guides and accommodation, media and service providers.

This is a great opportunity for Swakopmund and all its residents stand to benefit from the expected 600 adventure tourism professionals from more than 50 nations which will be drawn to the event. The media attention focused on our city for the duration of the vent will benefit us for years to come if we take advantage of the opportunity.

The proposed venue for the summit is the New Indoor Sport Center which will be built between the Vineta North and South sportfields adjacent to the new swimming pool. Everyone and more importantly the tourism fraternity should rally behind Namibia’s bid to host the World Adventure Travel Summit in 2013.


A memorable milestone was set when for the first time since the Swakopmund Municipal Council came into being a Council meeting was held at a venue other than the Council Chambers. In a true fashion of taking Government to the people, the first Council meeting for 2012 was held at the Meduletu Community Hall - probably the most densely populated area of Mondesa.

The history of the Meduletu Community Hall stands in sharp contrast with the activities currently taking place there, and it is thanks to the thoughtfulness of Council for turning an erstwhile symbol of oppression into a symbol of democratic governance and happiness. The hall was formerly used as a kitchen for contract labourers who resided in the single quarters and the compound. Both the compound and single quarters were transformed into residential units.

Council meetings are public and normally take place on the last Thursday of each month except in December when Council is on recess. The community should make a point of it to attend these meetings to keep abreast of the development of their city. The meeting at the Meduletu Hall was well-attended compared to previous Council meetings which were held at the Council Chambers in the main municipal building and it is hoped that such outreach programmes will be continued in the future. Community participation is vital for democratic governance, after all democracy is Government of the people, by the people, for the people.


Dolphin Rugby Club made Swakopmund proud by making it to the country’s top rugby league. The club was founded in 1981 and it is the first time that it will participate in the country’s top-flight league. Swakopmund has always been a rugby town but luck evaded local clubs to make it to the top league.

Finally with a bit of luck on its side, Dolphin Rugby Club will now ply its trade against the likes of United and Reho Falcons which are amongst the big name which have dominated the sport for decades.

With more determination from the players’ side and unwavering support from all the residents of Swakopmund, the club is destined for greater heights and soon we will see some of the local names featuring in the national team again. Big names such as Riaan Jantjies, Sop-Sop de Waal were members of the club and represented the land of the brave internationally. Marco Swarts, the General Manager of Corporate Services and Human Resources at the Municipality of Swakopmund is also rumoured to have ducked and dived with the club in his heyday as a rugby player.

Dolphin Rugby Club has enlisted the services of young players who are determined to keep the name of Swakopmund high. We should all support our boys in their endeavours to put Swakopmund on the rugby map. Let us attend their local games in numbers and make the loudest noise possible. Tamariskia Sportfield is the home ground for Dolphin Rugby Club and it promises to be turned into a slaughterhouse for all visiting teams.

Jan Groenewald, the club chairperson could not hide his excitement when interviewed by the Swakopmunder Lightbeams recently and stated that his boys are ready for action. ‘We are physically and emotionally ready for action, all we need is just your support,’ he said. 




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