The Coat of Arms of the Municipality of Swakopmund:

Explanation of the symbols;

(a) The “driedoring” (Rhigazum trichotonum) is a hardy, indigenous drought-resistant plant growing in the arid desert regions bounding Swakopmund to the north, east and south and symbolizes the three language groups (Afrikaans, English and German) of equal credentials inhabiting Swakopmund.

(b) The lighthouse is a well known landmark in Swakopmund and serves to accentuate Swakopmund’s seaside location on the Atlantic Ocean.

(c) The in escutcheon in black, white and red symbolizes the official colours of the German Empire who founded Swakopmund in 1892.

(d) The medieval building portrays the historical building, known as “Die Alte Kaserne”. This building used to serve as living quarters for the German troops responsible for the construction of the pier and early railway works between the years 1897 to 1909.

Translation of the motto “PROVIDENTIAE MEMOR”

English - Mindful of your Destiny

Afrikaans - Gedagtig aan u Bestemming

German - Eingedenk der Versehung